AIFC Authority
08 February 2024 13:31
Leading lawyers were awarded the AIFC Legal Awards 2024 for their contributions to the development and promotion of AIFC law
On February 8th in Astana, lawyers were honored with the AIFC Legal Awards 2024 for their contributions to the advancement of law enforcement practices within the current legal framework of the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC). The event,
AIFC Authority
07 February 2024 13:33
AIFC presents analytical report on capital market based on AIX exchange activities
This analytical report aims to provide a detailed review and analysis of the Astana International Exchange (AIX) activities in 2023, offering valuable insights for the private sector, government agencies and the general public regarding the state, trends
AIFC Authority
02 February 2024 00:00
Representatives of more than 70 companies participated in the AIFC event for investors in London
On February 2, the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), with the support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, hosted the event AIFC Connect: London 2024 . The gathering brought together
AIFC Authority
17 January 2024 14:31
SK-Pharmaceuticals LLP and AIFC agreed on cooperation
Attracting investments is one of the priorities in the activities of the Unified Distributor. Today, there is increased interest in the domestic pharmaceutical market from international investors, who are looking for new opportunities in emerging
AIFC Authority
26 December 2023 11:30
Astana International Financial Centre has unveiled its achievements for the year 2023
Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) presented the results of its activities for 2023. The AIFC maintained its prominent position in the Central Asia and Eastern Europe region (according to the Global Financial Centres Index rating), confirming
AIFC Authority
11 December 2023 14:23
The volume of mergers and acquisitions in Kazakhstan over the past decade amounted to about 45 billion USD
The volume of M A transactions (mergers and acquisitions) over the past 10 years has reached approximately 45 billion USD. This information was disclosed at the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) during the presentation of a comprehensive
AIFC Authority
11 December 2023 09:00
Common language for transition finance: сhallenges and opportunities for Central Asia are discussed on the sidelines of COP28
On the sidelines of COP 28 transition finance seminar took place on December 4 at the Central Asian pavilion. The event highlights include the launch of the transition finance framework for developing countries, panel discussion on transition finance for
AIFC Authority
05 December 2023 11:50
Green Finance in Focus: How Kazakhstan is Advancing Towards a Sustainable Energy Transition
On November 30, the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) commenced in Dubai, uniting 140 Heads of State and Government along with more than 70,000 delegates. During the conference, heads of state and
AIFC Authority
30 November 2023 00:00
Sustainability-Linked Bonds: A Promising Tool for Financing ESG Transformation
Despite the rapid growth of green and sustainable finance markets in recent years, efforts to support climate finance have largely focused on pure green and near- pure green activities, while support for the broader range of investments needed across the
AIFC Authority
20 November 2023 14:42
Green finance market in Kazakhstan
The purpose of this analytical report is to examine and analyse the green finance market in Kazakhstan in order to inform the private sector, government agencies, and the general public on the market s status, trends, and structure, as well as the
AIFC Authority
13 November 2023 13:04
Survey aimed at assessing market demand among retail and corporate clients for Islamic financial products in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The Astana International Financial Centre Authority with the support of the Islamic Development Bank is conducting this survey aimed at assessing market demand among retail and corporate clients for Islamic financial products in the Republic of
AIFC Authority
10 November 2023 08:11
Around 50 Singaporean companies participated at AIFC Connect: Singapore 2023 event
The Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) with the support of the Kazakh Embassy in Singapore hosted AIFC Connect: Singapore 2023 event, where international investors and financial experts gathered to exchange their perspectives on the business
AIFC Authority
09 November 2023 09:48
Astana has been awarded the status of the financial centre of the Turkic world
During the 10th Summit of the Organisation of Turkic States (OTS), President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, announced that the OTS member countries had supported the initiative to designate Astana as the financial centre of the Turkic world. When
AIFC Authority
26 October 2023 00:00
Astana has solidified its leading position in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region in the GGFI 12 ranking
In the recently published Global Green Finance Index 12 (GGFI 12) Astana maintained its leadership in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. Istanbul secured the second position, trailing Astana by 22 points in the overall ranking. GGFI 12 relies on
AIFC Authority
30 September 2023 00:00
Renewables in Kazakhstan: Current State, Potential and Financing Mechanisms
The primary objective of this report is to inform the general public about the importance of transitioning to clean energy and the state of the renewable energy industry in the country. Additionally, it aims to provide potential investors with insights
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